Nepal Peak Climbing


Nepal a country is sited in the part of Asia situated between the great two countries India and China. As Nepal is the smallest country but it is rich in natural resources and Himalayan peaks which presents wide-ranging chance for the Nepal peak climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing and other many more adventures.
Nepal peak climbing is the definitive aim for the skilled and unskilled peak climbers as of the longitudinal and geographical part of Nepal is most suitable for the trekking route. The Nepal climbing to the altitude of 8848m is not an easy task, Mount Everest is the topmost peak which ranges at an altitude of 8848m and the best Nepal climbing part of the world. Thirty three small climaxes are unlocked for Alpine peak and mountain Nepal climbing which runs in the associate with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and tourism government.
There are some rules and regulations that to be followed by the peak climbers under Nepal mountaineering association. The skilled or semi skilled are trained to climb to the peak of Mount Everest and other peaks. The guides are offered by the company who are skilled in climbing and mountaineering. Sherpa guide are provided who are the most talented and as well as the inhabitants of that Himalayas they know the routes to the peaks. On the way to the Nepal peak climbing in Nepal mountaineers will be plagued with scrutiny of astonishing peaks, Buddhist monuments and monasteries, and friendly Sherpa valleys rich in art, culture, religions and festivals.